Our advisors – Serbia

No matter what your goals are, our expert advisors will work closely with you to help you find the right funding option and lead you to success.

Sanja Popović Pantić, PhD

Innovation Advisor, Chair of EEN SG Woman Entrepreneurship

Enhancement innovation management capacity adviser to SMEs In EEN project with the core competence in advising female SMEs. Chairing EEN TG Woman entrepreneurship since 2015. Senior Research Associate within the Institute “ Mihajlo Pupin“, employed for 24 years with key references in entrepreneurship development, innovation management in SMEs, association’s development and networking, R&D projects.

Miloš Milošević, PhD

Innovation and Access to Finance Advisor

Senior Scientific Researcher who helps companies and R&D institutions to find funding program and partners. Helping companies to develop business model to enter into the market. Focuses on innovation and Access to Finance.

Jovana Radlović

Access to Finance Advisor

Expert in coordinating project developments and proposal writing who provides advisory services on access to finance and project development to SMEs. Organizes workshops on EU calls and national calls, as well as international and brokerage events. Experience in capacity building of scale-up companies, through coaching, mentoring and organization workshops.

Nataša Vujnović Sedlar

Innovation and Access to FInance Advisor

Expert with a proven track record of managing the engagement of various entities in the multi-national and cross-sectoral consortia, designing EU funding proposals for single entities and consortiums and coordinating projects that support innovative entrepreneurs in the various sector. Member of the Creative Industries Sector Group and TG Research.

Vesna Rašković Depalov, PhD

Innovation and Internationalization Advisor

Vesna Rašković Depalov has expertise in: commercialization and market entry advisory for (non) innovative companies, technology transfer mentor, pitching preparation. Her track record: more than 1300 consultancy with start-ups/innovative teams. Investment attraction for the last two years: more than 2.5 M euros.

Jelena Borocki, PhD

Advisory services in the field of innovation management and technological audit.

Supporting SMEs, researchers, and startup companies in assessing the company’s innovative potential and evaluating their needs in the internationalization process. Assisting companies in the in the process of business model innovation and creating a strategic development plan.

Katarina Momčilović Matić

Internationalization Advisor

Internationalization expert with vast experience in providing advisory support to export oriented Serbian SMEs by assessing their overall competitiveness and export chances. In charge of assisting Serbia’s SMEs enter targeted export markets and maximizing the gains of such export activities, organization of brokerage events and company missions in order to connect them with foreign partners.

Dina Šišović

Internationalization Advisor

Internationalization expert in strategies and fostering connections between companies to facilitate cooperation and enhance their capabilities. Involvement extends to organizing various events, including B2B meetings, workshops, and conferences. One of the key aspects is organizing and overseeing events that play a crucial role in fostering these connections.

Mladen Radišić

Innovation and Access to Finance Advisor

Mladen Radisic is university professor in the area of business and finance and experienced executive. His core expertise is: Advanced (SME) financial management, access to grants and (equity-free) financing, strategic partnership building support and R&I project management implementation. He has been active for more than 15 years within international R&I EC framework programmes. His SME support activities are stelar, with the track record of securing 15+M EU funding.

Katarina Pavlović, PhD

Innovation and Access to Finance Advisor

Katarina Pavlović has expertise in commercialization and market entry mentor, aiding companies in distress, project application advisory: EC registered project evaluator, pitch event preparation. Track record of her work:  all companies in her portfolio have become profitable or achieved significant growth milestones. Investment Attraction: 13 million euro of total amount of investment attracted.

Mirjana Dejanovć, PhD

Access to Finance and Innovation Advisor

Scientific associate and expert on access to finance and innovation. Provides services both as an expert and as a trainer for access to finance, with a focus on sustainable development goals (SDG) and innovation, to empower companies to thrive, and to encourage networking and international cooperation.

Ana Kovačević

Innovation Adviser

Provides advisory support for startups and scale-ups, focusing on partnership development, assisting with pitching strategies, navigating open calls, and facilitating access to finance. Junior researcher at Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Science and Technology Policy Research Centre.

Daniela Kuzmanović

Access to Finance and Innovation Advisor

Scientific associate and expert on access to finance and innovation. Provides services both as an expert and as a trainer for access to finance, with a focus on sustainable development goals (SDG) and innovation, to empower companies to thrive, and to encourage networking and international cooperation.

Vinko Despot

International advisor

Involved in organization of different events such as B2B meetings, workshops and conferences, helping clients to submit profiles, providing support for SMEs in internationalization activities. Advisor in implementation of investment projects both domestic and foreign.

Igor Stanković, PhD

Innovation and access to finance advisor

Igor Stanković  expertise in establishing connections with local and European innovation stakeholders, offering insights into accessing funding. He specializes in innovation capacity building offering personalized one-to-one services, encompassing innovation strategy development, advice on intellectual property rights, technology and innovation brokerage services, guidance on technology marketing, and support in accessing finance for innovation.

Snežana Kirin

Snežana Kirin is employed at the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ICMF). Within the consortium EEN Serbia, she is the team leader for the partners from ICMF. Snežana’s expertise is multidisciplinary. This combination allows her to comprehend and bridge the gap between these two sectors. Her proficiency covers various areas, including risk management, statistical analysis, lean management, innovation assessment, and innovation management.

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