FINNO is an online solution designed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in search for national funding. It benefits both companies that already trade worldwide and those that are just starting to look into international markets.

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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Under the remit of the Small Business Initiative, the Bank deploys dedicated programmes to help SMEs address their barriers to growth, adopt innovative technologies and make their own breakthroughs in the market.

European Innovation Council (EIC)

EIC represents Europe’s main innovation programme to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations. The EIC funds companies at critical stages of research and development (R&D) and commercialization to support advancing breakthrough innovations to market.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

EIT, as a unique EU initiative, it drives innovation across Europe by bring together organisations from business, education and research to find solutions to pressing global challenges, create jobs and deliver sustainable economic growth opportunities for Europe.

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)

RCC is an all-inclusive, regionally owned and led cooperation framework. This framework engages RCC participants from the South East Europe (SEE), members of the international community and donors on subjects that are important and of interest to the SEE, with a view to promoting and advancing the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the region.

Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF)

The Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) is a joint initiative of the EU, financial organizations, bilateral donors and beneficiaries, aimed at enhancing harmonization and cooperation in investments for the socio-economic development of the region and contributing to the European perspective of the Western Balkans.

Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF)

WB6 CIF represents more than 400,000 companies, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises in its mission to open new opportunities for stronger networking of business communities within the region by removing the remaining obstacles to deeper regional economic integration and creation of a regional common market.