Join the new event: “EIT Manufacturing RIS Hubs as Innovation Enablers”

to learn about EIT Manufacturing RIS activities and the role the EIT RIS Hubs play in enhancing the innovation capacities of their countries.

Online Event | 24th November 2021, 09:00 – 13:00 CET

The event will focus on three main themes:

First the EIT RIS Hubs will present how they work with the local ecosystem to implement innovative projects addressing specific manufacturing challenges. Then, it will be presented the importance of cooperating with the local and national authorities, bringing success stories of creation of synergies in the EIT RIS countries. Lastly, the focus will be on education and training of the current and future workforce in EIT RIS countries, with best practices from EIT RIS Hubs that deployed education activities fostering innovation in EIT RIS.

All stakeholders coming from the three sides of the Knowledge Triangle (Business Creation, Education and Innovation) from EIT RIS countries and non-EIT RIS countries are invited to participate in the event to understand how the EIT RIS Hubs work as Innovation Enablers in EIT RIS countries, how they help you cooperate with EIT Manufacturing and how you could use the opportunities the KIC and the EIT RIS Hubs provide.

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