Initial Network of European Digital Innovation Hubs


Call: European Digital Innovation Hubs (DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01)

Work Programme: DIGITAL-2021-2023

ExpectedOutcome:Outcomes and deliverables

At the end of the project, a balanced network of EDIH will cover all regions in Europe, addressing the needs of the public and private sectors, including all economic sectors, offering a wide range of specialised digital transformation services.

The following indicators will be used to evaluate the performance of the hub; proposals should define their targets related to each of them:

  • Number of businesses and public sector entities, which have used the European Digital Innovation Hubs’ services, by user category (businesses of different sizes, public sector entities, etc.), sector, location and type of support received. Where relevant, this will include a description of which Digital Europe Programme capacities have been used.
  • For access to finance: amount of additional investments successfully triggered (e.g. through venture capital, bank loan, etc.).
  • Number of collaborations foreseen with other EDIHs and stakeholders outside the region at EU level, and description of jointly shared infrastructures / joint investments with other EDIH.

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