We have innovative companies with some exciting offers on the FINNOvation meetEENg!

  1. Green Lining doo (Montenegro) – Aleksandra Simoni
  2. Meditera d.o.o. (Montenegro) – Boris Radunovic
  3. Codeit Solution (North Macedonia) – Viktorija Drangovska
  4. WIDNET Solutions (North Macedonia) – Darko Mickoski
  5. DeepMark (Montenegro) – Kosta Pavlović
  6. Alicorn (Montenegro) – Sanja Gardasevic
  7. 3P Solutions (North Macedonia) – Marjan Zezovski
  8. Deep Green Inno Machines (North Macedonia) – Vladimir Lokvenec
  9. WERXE (Croatia) – Filip P.
  10. CubexLab (Serbia) – Vladan G.

If you are interested to hear these companies, please, join us on the FINNOvation meetEENg!

Date: 23rd of May (Thursday)

Time: 12 pm till 1.30 pm

Link for registration: https://forms.gle/goHqugYSwoUL7erRA

The FINNOvation meetEENg is an online b2b matchmaking event for innovative companies organized by the advisors of the largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises, Enterprise Europe Network – EEN.

The event addresses companies seeking for:

  • trading partners (distributors or suppliers)
  • potential manufacturers or subcontractors
  • project partners for joint research & development
  • new investment opportunities: identification of co-investment partners or other strategic investments

Participants will have the opportunity to present their needs to EEN advisors from the Western Balkans region, Croatia and Serbia, companies and a broader audience, or to receive personalized advisory support, free of charge.


If you are a start-up, spin-off, spin-out, or an SME whose competitive advantage is based on innovation, and you are seeking international collaborations, you will have the opportunity to:

  • pitch your product or solution in front of the EEN advisors from the region (WB, Croatia, and Slovenia) and potential partnering companies
  • receive personalized advisory support

EEN advisors with their extensive client database and over 15 years of experience in helping businesses innovate and grow, will focus on the needs of participating companies and assist them in identifying potential matchmaking opportunities more effectively.