The BLUEfasma Capacity Building Instrument, created through Interreg MED BLUEfasma project, is now available online. This tool systematizes, in one place, the existing financing programmes and funds, as well as the available opportunities for projects’ funding. The particular focus areas of this tool are blue Circular Economy (CE) and research and innovation business investment in the key blue growth of fishing and aquaculture.

The BLUEfasma Capacity Building Instrument consists of two databases – one for the available financing programmes and funds and one for the available calls for projects’ funding.

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BLUEfasma integrates and implements Circular Economy (CE) principles in the key blue growth sector of fishing/aquaculture; to benefit Mediterranean insular, island and coastal areas in a novel, innovative way. The project team tackles the transnational challenge of continual depletion of natural resources that causes serious environmental, economic and social impacts. Its overall objective is to empower the innovation capacity of SMEs, maritime clusters/networks, Public Authorities to boost blue CE growth in insular, island and coastal areas.

BLUEfasma approach aims to change the current thinking of the sector on circularity by

  • Replicating effective CE work
  • Testing the upgraded circularity self-assessment tool in 11 participating Mediterranean territories
  • Organising BLUEfasma Living Labs (BLLs) and targeted transferring activities
  • Shifting policy towards CE
  • Systematizing funding opportunities for blue CE innovation business investment

More information on the project could be found here.